Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
2013 - May all your thread dreams be fulfilled this year

Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's been a while

since my last post. At the beginning of the month I decided to finish off as many of my work in progress projects as possible. Some of them just need framing, or finishing off.
 So, here is a cross stitch project  that was lurking around my studio.

I received the cardboard box as a gift from a dear friend. I use it a lot when embroidering and knitting or crocheting. All the little cut off floss and wool bits are saved in there.
 (Don't ask me why......., just because ......, otherwise they would cling to the carpet and furniture?  Maybe I'll find a use for them in future, like stuffing a pincushion, and only I know what the pincushion is stuffed with? lol That's a good idea.......) 

This is one of my own designs, stitched on tea dyed 18ct Aida fabric. I used DMC threads.

And here is a little project I have been wanting to make for a while now.

It's a little cell phone pouch for my touch screen cellphone. Here in the bundus, (90km) from the nearest town), it is difficult to obtain a cover for the make of my phone. So I thought why not try and make my own?

It's working fine, preventing the screen from getting scratched. And I made it snug enough to stay on the phone, even in the depths of my huge handbag. (Tried and tested)

I embroidered the top layer of felt with embroidery wool and then added a very thin felt for a lining. The two layers were cut to shape and then stitched together using blanket stitch. It was finished in one afternoon.  


cucki said...

hello dear, very sweet post..i really love the box and cell phone pouch so much..they both so sweet..
here it is raining from the morning so no more heat time..
big hugs cucki xx

Michelle said...

Hello Petra! Thank you for visiting my blog - it is so wonderful to find more stitchers from South Africa online! Your blog is lovely, so many beautiful creations :)

I see you have a needlework shop on your farm - which product, threads, fabrics, etc do you sell?

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs from Michelle in Cape Town

Tatkis said...

What a beautiful stitching, and perfect box finish!
And your wool felt cellphone case is just lovely!



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