Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
2013 - May all your thread dreams be fulfilled this year

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In May, I had a total change of scenery. I went to Corfu Island on Greece for ten lovely days. 

No phones and computers, just sunshine, clear sea, delicious food and good Greek wine.

Our Villa was in the midst of 300 year old olive groves. Between the awesome olive trees we spotted wild pear, passion fruit and Kumqat trees, as well as the odd kreepy krawly.


We were in walking distance to at least three little coves, two of them had some tavernas right on the beach.

Oh what bliss just to lie in the sun and sip a cold drink, do water sports..... or not....., eat......,or not, ........whatever........

A shopping trip to Corfu Old Town was great fun. I bought a gorgeous crochet tablecloth here. Sadly the art of crocheting these cloth's is slowly dying out. There are only a handful of old ladies still doing this craft.

It was a beautiful holiday with many things to see and taste.
For many reasons, I shall never forget it......

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Of Sheep and tame Impalas

The Sheep

We have beautiful indigenous sheep on the farm. This little fella is 2 days old.
(the black sheep of the family)

Each sheep looks quite unique with a different colouring of their coats. They are friendly, gentle animals. And masters at escaping into the fenced off game camp..... Who ever said that sheep are simple? On the contrary, they are quite clever.

They beg for food, come close to be scratched and seem to have a built in clock. It tells them exactly when it is time to come home to check their chances of perhaps getting an extra little something. Usually they are right as Herbert is near with the promising bucket containing maize kernels.

And usually they are lucky :)

The Impalas

This is Phillip our tame Impala.We got him about 6 years ago from a family who raised him with a bottle. As Phillip became bigger and his horns started to grow he became too dangerous to the family and he came to our farm.

We released him into the game fenced camp and he lived there happily with all the other Impalas. About 2 years ago we started to notice him being chased by a Blesbuck.

(A Blesbuck ewe with her calf.....)

It got so bad that Phillip would jump the fence and run towards our house for protection. We tried to keep the wild Belsbuck away from him as best we could, but alas, about 18 months ago he broke his right front leg in a fight. The break was quite bad and we thought we had to put him down. But Phillip didn't give up, he hobbled around and grazed and lay under the trees for about 3 months. The leg bone grew back together and Phillip got so well that he is now running around again as if it never broke. We notice that if the weather turns he seems to have some pain in his leg. (Like humans do too)

He stays on the "human part" of our farm permanently now and only has the occasional excursion into the bush. Quite often he will bring a friend along for dinner as well.

It is fascinating to watch these animals close up.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For all of you who have ever wondered which fruit Amarula Liquor is made from. It's made from the Marula fruit. We have two trees in the garden and they shed 1000's of these fruits every year.

The birdlife here is fantastic....

an afternoon in our garden

Here are a few photos of my surroundings.


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