Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
2013 - May all your thread dreams be fulfilled this year

Saturday, November 19, 2011

England and old Embroidery

In September I went to visit my children in England. One day they took me to see Warwick Castle in the quaint little town of Warwick. 

The Castle as seen today dates back to about 1260AD.

Apart from handsome Archers I made some interesting finds......

This is how the ladies of a bygone era used to embroider......

 In the following photo you can see the master bedroom.
 You are looking at the bed which is hidden from view behind the kist. The walls are draped with hand stitched embroideries depicting life at the castle as well as hunting scenes.

 Absolutely amazing.....

In the cellars I discovered this lovely pharmacy. It was well stocked with all sorts of herbs and spices etc.
Isnt' it lovely?

This trip was one of my highlights on the holiday.
 Wow, what history one can see there. Some of the buildings are amazing.

 They look so skew and old, one cannot believe that they are actually still in use and that people still live in most of them. 

This trip was one of my highlights on the holiday.

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