Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
2013 - May all your thread dreams be fulfilled this year

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ribbon Embroidery

Hello again! We are experiencimg a terrible heatwave here in the bushveld. Every day the thermometer climbs up to a scorching 41 Deg Celsius. It is very dry, no rain in sight...... At night it is about 24 Deg Celsius and it's difficult to sleep in this heat.
We are very grateful for the aircons.

 Today I want to share a beautiful project we did earlier this year in class.
We embroidered initials in Ribbon Embroidery.

The designs are from a gorgeous book called "Monograms and Words" by 
Die van Niekerk.

In this beautifully illustrated book you will find all the letters of the alphabet.
Have a look at Die's Website here:

One can order all the designs, pre printed onto cotton fabric, as well as ribbons, threads, etc.
 She also sells kits for all the designs in the book.

Have a "cool" day......    

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