Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
2013 - May all your thread dreams be fulfilled this year

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Look what we found this morning

We have been keeping a close eye on Sonja, the European Bushpig.
She arrived on the farm in December 2010 when she was very young. A friend brought her to us, saying she needed a home. In March we arranged for a boyfriend for her and this is the result.

She had five little piglets on Saturday.

All are healthy and strong.
 Don't they look beautiful with their stripes?

I like to do my bit for the environment, so I shred all the unused newspapers as well as old invoices and office paper. This gets mixed with hay and put into the pigsty and the chicken house. Once it has done its job there it gets transferred to the compost heap where it rots away and the compost is then used in the garden again.
Works really well!

This is the only girl out of the five piglets.

 I hope her brothers will not bully her around too much.

And this is one Happy Mama!!!

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